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Emma is an independent wedding celebrant, providing bespoke and personal ceremonies, full of love, humour and joy, crafted with you in mind. She has been marrying people for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience to share. Over the years she has attended all types of wedding ceremonies, worked with plenty of children and animals and can say with confidence she is ready for anything! She has been living as a vegan for 3 years now and looks forward to working with lots of like-minded happy couples in the future.


'Since becoming vegan 3 years ago, I come to see the world differently and recognise the impact of our actions, be it the food we eat, or the way we use our resources and I am now more conscious of the way I live my life. Naturally, this shift in priorities has extended to all areas of my life and I felt it important to wherever possible work with other like-minded people and help support and sustain this growing movement, as well as give potential vegan customers the opportunity to have their day without compromising on their beliefs.' Emma, My Celebrant

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