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We love seeing your wedding planning journeys and the big day itself. Follow our Love of All Wedding's couples as they plan a eco friendly and vegan wedding and get inspiration for your own special day!

Kelly & Richard's Wedding Planning Journey

When the Christmas markets provide an extra gtft - a proposal!

Sarah & Albert's Vegan Wedding

A pagan handfasting ceremony joining the perfect pair.

James & Valeria's Vegan Wedding

A whirlwind romance completed with an intimate wedding.


Lauren & Jonny's Wedding Planning Journey

A mountain top proposal leads to a wedding in the Yorkshire countryside.

Confetti Jay Helen.jpg

Helen & Jay's Vegan Wedding

A stress free day with their nearest and dearest.

Natasha & Sarah's Wedding Planning Journey

With a proposal that made it to the finals of Britain's Best Proposals!

Leanne & Adam's Vegan Wedding

These entertainers out on a real show for their big day.

Rachelle & Elan's Wedding Planning Journey

A birthday proposal has this Tinder couple planning their dream wedding.

Izzy & Nathan-289.jpg

Izzy & Nathan's Vegan Wedding

A vintage inspired wedding full of yellows and golds with a festival feel.


Julie & Mark's Vegan Wedding

A festival inspired celebration with a steampunk twist.

Cory & Fiona's Vegan Wedding

A colourful celebration set in the great outdoors.

Alexandra & Clark's Vegan Wedding

Rustic chic wedding inspiration from across the pond!

Lara & David's Wedding Planning Journey

The proposal she never thought would happen!

Proposal Jan 2017 Amsterdam.jpg

Vicki & Chris' Wedding Planning Journey

Engaged in Amsterdam and dreaming of a woodland creature wonderland.

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