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A stress free day with the nearest and dearest
Helen and Jay met at a ‘Rambling Vegan Fox’ meetup, which was their local meetup group - the perfect place to find a like minded friend, who may just one day become your husband or wife! Around two years into the relationship the couple were on a trip to Hong Kong, during which they were staying with Jay’s grandmother. Whilst at a stunning viewing point along the Hong Kong trail, Jay popped the question! They had previously spoken about wanting to start a family, and had discuss marriage too.
The couple had each been vegan for a number of years before they met one another. Helen had shown compassion and an unwilling to harm animals as a child, and her parents were not surprised when she turned vegetarian. Helen did then later give dairy products, as she found that this helped her in a slow recovery from M.E. However it wasn’t until she was studying A Level Politics, and the student teacher her to Animal Aid, where she learnt about the egg industry and then decided that veganism was the route that she wanted to take. Jay’s veganism had been influenced by a housemate, who also became a business partner. ‘I tend to think that being vegan is a commitment to growing in compassion toward other humans and non-human animals, and this journey doesn’t end’, Helen told Love of All Weddings.
With veganism playing such a huge part in both of their lives, and how they met one another, it was only right that Helen and Jay had a vegan wedding. Their perfect day would be relaxed, stress free and most importantly just a lovely time for all! The ceremony took place at the local registry office, with the reception then at The White Location. This private house allowed accommodation of 7 bedrooms, which is ideal for guests who needed to travel to the wedding. The couple had chosen a private venue as ‘we felt more at ease in a private home than a place with staff that we haven’t met.’ This family friendly space also allowed for children to play indoors, and to take naps when needed! A spotify playlist was created and could be accessed throughout the house.
Friends laid the table and heated the food during the reception, which had been earlier prepared by friend of the couple, Nick. Nick has since gone on to work at The Plant Base, a fantastic vegan eatery in Tunbridge Wells. The theme with the food - comfort! Something that children and retired people alike would enjoy. The wedding cake was made by Jay’s sister, whose cakes the couple had enjoyed numerous times before.
A truly special part of the wedding day, was Helen’s dress. It had been specially designed and made by her dear friend from Cosmic Esoteric (http://cosmicesoteric.com/), ‘she would come by our flat and sketch me, taking measurements and pinning cloth.’ By the time of the wedding, Helen was pregnant and so one of the main requirements was comfort! Helen told us that ‘a key design feature was an expandable waistline, created from a ruffled back and low-slung skirt.’ The beautiful pinks and blues, and the petal like overlapping of the skirt, were inspired by a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.

out, but not as many as you might think.’ With their invites, the couple made it clear that guest could expect a day of relaxation rather than a day full of the formalities of a wedding. ‘We let guests know they didn’t need to buy a new outfit. We said presents were not required.’

‘The day was about spending time with guests, not just about us’, the couple told us. Helen & Jay’s top advice for a couple looking to plan a vegan wedding would therefore be that invites are where the tone is set. They had only invited a small group of close friends, after deciding that they had too many relatives, ‘some people were annoyed at being left 

This happy couple are now raising their baby vegan, which gave Helen the idea of creating a website for vegan families. After having spent a lot of time researching where to buy the best items for her new arrival, Helen said that ‘I thought to myself, wouldn’t it have been easier if all of the information for both daily essentials and nice outings together in as a one stop ethical shop?’ So this is what she is creating, make sure that you take a look!

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