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Kelly & Richard

Kelly and Richard met at work, initially finding excuses to chat - 'would meet to make a cup of tea or coffee once or twice a day' Kelly told Love of All Weddings. This developed into meeting for lunch each day and going out for drinks after work. The pair bonded of their mutual love of the 1940’s 1950’s era and the fact that they both danced jive and 1940’s east coast swing, 'so, we started more lessons together', Kelly explained. A year after initially meeting at work, the two of them began their relationship. 
Having been together for seven years, Kelly and Richard took a trip to Bruges to visit the Christmas markets. It is well known as a beautiful and romantic place, which is where Richard decided to pop the all important question. Kelly told us that 'he didn’t get down on one knee, but this is because he knew I wouldn’t have liked that,' and continued to say how Bruges 'will always be an important place for us because of this day.' The date of their engagement wasn't one that already had significance within their relationship, however Kelly had a suspicion that it may be about to happen, 'mostly because we had been together for 7 years, so I was impatiently waiting!'
The couple are now fully into the wedding planning process, with their date set for June 2020. Most of the elements of the big day are all confirmed and ready to go, with the next thing they need to do being trying the food they wish to have served at the wedding  - the food will always be a highlight! They have decided to have the legal ceremony at the registry office with their closest family and friends before then going the rest of their guests where they will have a celebrant lead ceremony, which is 'what we feel is our real ceremony'. Kelly told Love of All Weddings a little more about their plans for this ceremony - 'we will be having a handfasting ceremony and jumping over the broom, we hope this will have a very spiritual feel about it.'
Having both been pescatarian previously, they decided together in 2017 to become vegetarian. 'Then in March 2018 Richard suggested we go vegan,' Kelly explained. After doing some research and realising the suffering of animals within the egg and dairy industry, Kelly agreed and they both transitioned to veganism. 'It was Richard that saw the light first,' Kelly said, 'I am so grateful to him for that, he helped us align our morals with our actions.' The pair are wanting to also bring their veganism into the wedding day in more than just the food, as they would also like to support a local animal retreat; they explained to us their plans for their table names at the wedding breakfast - 'we hope to have each table named after an animal (turkey, pig, cow, sheep etc) here we will have a photo of one of these animals that live at the retreat a little bit about them and how people can visit donate or sponsor them.'
Their plans continue and we will be sure to keep you updated on their progress in creating a wonderful vegan wedding day. Make sure that you follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with all of our Love of All Weddings couples!

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