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Lisa took some time out of her busy diary of conducting ceremonies to tell us a little more about Celebrant in Cornwall.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, it’s great to know a bit about the suppliers who are featured on Love of All Weddings! Tell us a bit about your business and what you do to help perfect a couples wedding day.

Thanks for inviting me to introduce Celebrant in Cornwall! My name is Lisa and I am an independent celebrant, which means I am trained and experienced in creating and delivering personal, meaningful and totally bespoke ceremonies for couples wanting a unique and authentic wedding ceremony.


I work with couples who are looking for a different kind of wedding celebration; compared to a church or register office ceremony, a celebrant-led ceremony offers complete flexibility. It can take place at any time and in any location. It is written in a deeply personal and sincere style, that fits with the couples’ values and lifestyle, that might include spiritual or symbolic acts, and reflects the individuality of the partnership.


Having completed the legal formalities in a simple low cost ceremony at the Register Office, couples can enjoy the most wonderful celebration with someone they have built a relationship with, and who they trust with their most special day. In summary, I create ceremonies that are exactly how couples dream they will be!

When did you start your business and why?

I previously worked as a Deputy Registrar and Ceremony Officer, and all too frequently witnessed for myself the restrictions and limitations of the legal process. I honestly believe there is so much more to the perfect wedding ceremony than standing quietly in front of an official you’ve never met before, repeating the statutory wording and signing the legal paperwork. 

Consequently I decided I wanted to deliver ceremonies that weren’t such solemn occasions. I wanted to create and deliver ceremonies that were joyful celebrations, full of fun, flexibility, creativity and expression. I wanted couples to have the chance to fully personalise their ceremony and have the opportunity to share their unique story. I wanted couples to have the chance to get to know their celebrant, feel like they are in a safe pair of hands, and not feel rushed, constrained or institutionalised. So I took my professional training with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in 2018, and supported by my experience of running a small marketing business, I created Celebrant in Cornwall early in 2019. With bookings coming in for as far ahead as 2023 – I think I can say it’s going pretty well!

Why do you do love what you do? What is your favourite part of working with wedding couples?

Ah - why wouldn’t I love what I do! Only this morning I was talking to a couple about their wedding – and hearing their genuine excitement and enthusiasm about designing a completely bespoke ceremony – it’s a truly wonderful thing to be a part of! I love the journey I go on with a couple, but there are probably two moments I enjoy the most – the first is when we arrive at the first draft of a ceremony and I send it to the couple to read. Hearing their initial reaction is brilliant – as it’s the moment it all becomes very real! And then I love delivering the ceremony on the day – meeting all their family and friends, standing with the couple as they speak those meaningful words that will bind them together for life, witnessing  all those happy moments – it gives me great joy.

What would you say has been your biggest wedding day success story? 

Ooh - that’s tricky to answer! It’s probably a short notice ceremony I was asked to write and perform. A lovely couple learned very late in the day that their legal paperwork was not going to be ready in time for their Registrar-led wedding ceremony. They were faced with rescheduling everything – venue, caterers, entertainment etc – with just 4 weeks’ to go!

Luckily the groom-to-be knew a little about celebrant weddings and so gave me a call, and within a few weeks we had chatted on the phone, met twice and I had written a beautifully bespoke ceremony, which meant they could go ahead with their

celebrations as planned, and arrange a small legal ceremony for a later date. But the happiest thing about this wedding was that this couple had the most amazing and wonderful love story spanning nearly 40 years, and I was able to craft and narrate their story as part of the ceremony for everyone to share. It was a ceremony filled with many in-jokes, much laughter, some truly poignant moments, and quite a few tears. Had a Registrar led the ceremony, as originally planned, all of this would have been missed. As the groom said to me afterwards – what at first seemed like a disaster, was actually the best thing that could have happened!

What is it about what you offer that makes your business special? 

If couples are looking for energy and enthusiasm, a passion for getting things exactly the way they want them, support and patience along the way, then that’s what I offer.  l build a relationship with my couples over many months, so we have a special connection before the ceremony, and are far more bonded than they would have been with an official they’d not  met before and was only reading from a script.

Plus I am super organised, have a deeply friendly soul and am a sincerely smiley person! Oh – and I am vegan.

But most importantly, I genuinely LOVE being part of a couple’s special day.

What made you decide to embrace a vegan, eco friendly, ethical approach within your services?

As a nature and animal-loving vegan, I am really lucky that I run my own business and can set my own boundaries when it comes to work. So for example, I don’t take on any work that might take place in a venue which exploits animals, such as a zoo or a hunting lodge or an animal farm; I would never participate in a ceremony that required the release butterflies or birds as a form of symbolism; I wouldn’t be involved if clients booked a company which ‘trains’ birds or animals to deliver the wedding rings, and I’d decline a ceremony if a pig is roasting on a spit in the background…..

I am much more inclined to participate in eco, green and ethical ceremonies, and really love working with like-minded folk. I always feel particularly lucky when vegan couples book me as I know we will have a shared set of values, which require no explanation. Equally I hope that the couple feels that they have one of their own on board, with whom they can relax, safe in the knowledge that their ethics are instinctively understood and respected. In short, we will totally ‘get’ one another!

What is your advice to couples currently planning their big day?

Do it exactly as you want it. Try not to be swayed by opinion or requests – it’s your day and it should be the way you want it.