Smiley Huseyin Photography

Smiley Huseyin Photography has a very natural style. Fatma loves capturing those smiles and happy moments, whilst creating wonderful memories. She offers a bespoke photography experience to couples. Fatma likes for her couples to feel at ease, so she makes sure you meet at least once before the big day. A pre-wedding (engagement) shoot is offered within the packages and during this time you really get to know each other, making capturing the big day an even more comfortable experience. Smiley Huseyin Photography offer two packages, ‘Prep, ceremony and show me your dancing shoes’ which is the all-day package and ‘Ceremony and get your dancing shoes on’ which begins with the ceremony and ends once everyone is on the dance floor.
Fatma works with UK based printing companies to minimise her carbon footprint. The companies she works with offer canvas covered albums and wooden boxes making them all eco and vegan friendly.


'Being myself is very important and I want exactly that from my couples too. They need to feel relaxed and at ease whilst creating memories on their big day, this is so important, as only then will their natural smiles shine through onto their images.
Keeping my carbon footprint low by working with UK based printers in very important. We are all responsible for the effects we have on our world, both positive and negative.
Offering a package catering to my couple’s needs is paramount, it’s their day and I will do my upmost to work around their requests in order to capture every special moment.' Fatma Keeley, Smiley Huseyin Photography

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