Their Wedding Planning Journey...

Lara and David

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For Lara and David, what started off a Lara simply needing a place to stay during her studies developed into the beginnings of a wonderful relationship. Lara arrived in Southampton from Barcelona almost seven years ago, to study English. Shortly after she began her studies, another student invited her to a house party at a shared house. These housemates had a spare room, and Lara was in need of somewhere to stay - so two days after the party there, she moved in. David was one of the housemates already living there, and the pair first met at that party. Just two days after she moved in, the two went on their first date. David took Lara to visit Jane Austen’s house and Lara told Love of All Weddings that it was at this early point that she ‘knew she would marry him some day.’

After having been together for a few years, Lara proposed to David - more than once. However, he said no each time as he ‘did no wanted to get married at all’. After six years together, the couple were in the process of adopting a pair of rescue dogs, to help complete the home that they were building together. After a trip to the rescue centre, whilst in the middle of the New Forest, David asked Lara whether she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. ‘I said yes as if it was just a question, not the actual question’ Lara explained, ‘then he showed me the ring and I almost went into shock as I couldn’t believe he had finally decided he wanted to get married!’

The happy couple are now fully into the wedding planning process, with the date set for later this year! All that is left to do now is find David’s suit and prepare the decorations - they plan to do the decorations and flowers themselves, we love a bit of DIY at Love of All Weddings! When asked how the plan for the big day to be, Lara told us that ‘it will be a care-free, zero plastic, conscious, fun filled day full of colour, food and music.’

As Lara is vegan and David is vegetarian, they have decided that the food served at the wedding will be vegan. ‘We are always the odd ones who have special meals whenever there is a family event’ said Lara, ‘it is our day and we wanted to not be the odd ones, and show everyone how vegan food is delicious.’

We cannot wait to see how Lara and David’s plans come together for their special day! Their plans continue and we will be sure to keep you updated on their progress in creating a wonderful vegan wedding day. Make sure that you follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with all of our Love of All Weddings couples!