Their Wedding Planning Journey...

Lauren and Jonny

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Lauren & Jonny met on an online dating website, and had both been about to give up hope on finding love online. ‘He sent me a ridiculous message, but it made me laugh,’ Lauren told Love of All Weddings, and that awesome sense of humour is what tempted her to reply. When they met for their first date - some drinks, followed by dinner and then some more drinks - Lauren explained that ‘they chatted for hours and it felt like I’d known him forever’. Now that’s love! They moved in together after 6 months, with Lauren leaving her home in Leeds to begin a new chapter with Jonny in Huddersfield.

Three years into the relationship, the happy couple were off on a camping trip in the Lake District and were planning to climb Mount Helvellyn. ‘I actually had an awful time climbing the mountain,’ said Lauren, ‘It was a real struggle for me … Jonny kept encouraging me, telling me that good things happen to people who get to the top of mountains.’ When they reached the summit, Jonny proposed to Lauren as they sat on a bench overlooking the breathtaking view - he had even brought a bottle of wine all the way up to celebrate with! ‘I was absolutely speechless and couldn’t stop crying, so much so that I forgot to answer for ages’, Lauren explained.

The pair are now planning their wedding day and they have already booked their dream venue for 2020! This lovely couple will be saying their ‘I do’s’ in a beautiful barn before the reception taking place in the at an outside location with a teepee in the Yorkshire countryside. Lauren told us that they plan for the big day to be ‘fun, relaxed and all about celebrating our love with friends and family.’ Within the next few months they will be starting to confirm some of the finer details, such as the catering and the all important dress! Lauren and Jonny also plan for their wedding day to provide only vegan food for their guests.

Lauren had been vegetarian from the age of ten, and with her influence Jonny begun to transition to vegetarianism. Lauren told Love of All Weddings that she then ‘came across a James Aspey video on Facebook one day showing the practices of the egg industry and I was absolutely horrified’ - she then decided to become vegan. The couple went on trips to Berlin and Reykjavik and Jonny too realised just how easy it was to be vegan, even when abroad. ‘He then officially became vegan as a New Years resolution and stuck to it’, Lauren explained. Since then, veganism has become a huge part of who they are as a couple. When asked why they decided to have a vegan wedding, Lauren told us ‘it wasn’t even a choice, we’re both vegan and it is such an important part of our lives.’

Their plans continue and we will be sure to keep you updated on their progress in creating a wonderful vegan wedding day. Make sure that you follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with all of our Love of All Weddings couples!