Their Wedding Planning Journey...

Natasha and Sarah

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Introduction to Natasha & Sarah
Natasha and Sarah met in the way that all modern day fairytales begin - on Tinder! It was 2015 and Sarah was living in Swansea, finishing her degree and sitting her final exams. Natasha lived in Barry and so the two arranged to meet for the first time in Cardiff. ‘We went to Tree Tops adventure mini golf, then for drinks afterwards,’ Natasha told Love of All Weddings, ‘Sarah had to be back in Swansea for a certain time as she had plans with friends, but ended up staying a lot later than planned.’ The pair went on several dates, taking in turns to travel between one another. Whilst on a night out in Cardiff, in Live Lounge where they’d had drinks on their first date, Natasha and Sarah decided to make their relationship official. Still living in different areas, the couple would travel back and forth to see one another, until Sarah officially moved to Barry to live with Sarah a couple of years after they first met.

Whilst living in Barry, Sarah was still working in Swansea, so Natasha would drive her to and from work. As a way of saying thank you for everything she said, Sarah told Natasha that she had arranged a special day out. ‘The first surprise was a helicopter ride, which is something I’d always wanted to do’, explained Natasha. Although perhaps it didn’t go quite as smoothly as may have been hoped, as Natasha had a classic Marilyn moment when the propellers of the helicopter caused her dress to blow up! The next surprise was a private boat ride from Cardiff Bay. Natasha told us how events unfolded as they came back into dock - ‘Sarah pointed out lots of Storm Troopers standing along the dock, so I turned to look as it was amazing! As I turned back around Sarah was on bended knee and asked me to marry her. I burst into tears and of course said yes! Sarah then told me to look at the Storm Troopers again and told me they were all our family and friends, she had been planning this for months and they were all in on it.’ They were even holding a banner which read “I love you Tasha. Will you marry me?” Natasha was then whisked away for a lovely celebration surrounded by friends and family, before being taken for her final surprise - a romantic night away for the newly engaged couple. This incredibly well planned and detailed proposal even landed the pair as finalists in Britain’s Best Proposal!

Little did Sarah know though, that Natasha had also been planning to pop the question; but had it planned for their holiday to South Africa just a couple of months later. Not one to be outdone, Natasha decided to still go ahead with her proposal idea whilst on the trip. ‘I proposed to Sarah under a beautiful sunset whilst on a safari, with giraffe and elephants near by,’ she told Love of All Weddings.

The pair had both been vegetarian for a number of years before transitioning to veganism a couple of years ago. They each decided to go vegan after doing a lot of research, but have also noticed a physical difference, ‘Sarah has mixed connective tissue disease which is an autoimmune disease,’ Natasha explained, ‘and she believes that being vegan has helped reduce inflammation.’ Naturally, they are planning a vegan wedding as they ‘want to show people that vegan food is delicious … we want the wedding to reflect our fun and positive outlook on life.’

The couple have already started a lot of planning for their big day in September 2020 and now just need to find a caterer for the wedding breakfast, dresses, the all important rings and also some decorations for the venue. But within everything that they are planning, they are keeping one important thing in mind - ‘we want to show people that we are proud of who we are, our veganism and being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.’
Their plans continue and we will be sure to keep you updated on their progress in creating a wonderful vegan wedding day. Make sure that you follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with all of our Love of All Weddings couples!

Natasha & Sarah's Planning Update
With just under a year to go until their wedding day, Natasha and Sarah have got their plans underway. The venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, makeup artist and entertainment are look booked, and they have both found the wedding dresses that they have been dreaming of. 'As 2 brides we were sort of dreading the cost of 2 dresses,' Natasha explained, 'we had both decided we wanted bespoke dresses and had been following a local boutique for some time. When they ran a competition for 1 person to win a bespoke wedding dress, we both entered.' Natasha ended up winning a dress and so they only had the cost of Sarah's to consider. To make the story even better, there was a TV show being filmed at the boutique when Natasha went to try on dresses - so perhaps we'll see her on TV!

Next on their list is to get the cake arranged, and the couple have also 'slowly buying things for decorations' as the couple are planning to do a fair amount of DIY for the big day.

When asked what they have so far found easiest about wedding planning, Sarah and Natasha told Love of All Weddings that it was booking their makeup artist. 'We’ve booked Bombshell Makeup because they are 100% vegan and we loved their work.'

Their advice to couples currently planning their wedding day would be 'Remember it is YOUR day, so plan it YOUR way. Don’t let people tell you your wedding should be a certain way. We are both pretty clear to people that it is our wedding and we will have it just as we want, even if it goes against tradition. Also, when it comes to the guest list be brutal! Don’t invite people because you feel you have too, will they make your day better if they attend? Will you miss them if they aren’t there? Do you REALLY want to spend all this money on them?'