Their Wedding Planning Journey...

Rachelle and Elan

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Introduction to Rachelle & Elan
The story Rachelle and Elan is very much a modern day romance - as the couple met on Tinder! They are both living in Israel, with Rachelle having grown up in the UK and Elan being American. Two years after having met on Tinder, which was thankfully due to Rachelle upping her age range on the dating app, they moved into their apartment together in Tel Aviv.

After two and a half years together, Elan popped the question on his own birthday! ‘We went to our favourite vegan restaurant for his birthday,’ Rachelle explained, ‘on the way, on the back of his motorbike, I felt a box in his pocket. I was shocked!’ Having only got engaged in October, they are in the very early stages of planning their big day - but they know they want the wedding to take place in London, probably next year!

Having been vegetarian since the age of 12, Rachelle took up veganism about four years ago after learning about the milk and dairy industries. Elan followed in her footsteps a while later, ‘I came to see animals with more empathy and knew it would be a healthier lifestyle’, he explained. Veganism has now become very close to the couples hearts, and so have decided that they will have a vegan wedding. ‘We couldn’t possibly fathom a celebration in our name that included animal products’, Rachelle told Love of All Weddings. ‘We definitely want to show people that an eco friendly vegan wedding is not only possible but wonderful!’

Their plans continue and we will be sure to keep you updated on their progress in creating a wonderful vegan wedding day. Make sure that you follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with all of our Love of All Weddings couples!

When she’s not planning her own wedding, Rachelle creates beautiful Ketubahs for Jewish wedding ceremonies. Be sure to check out her work!

Rachelle & Elan's Planning Update
With about five months to go until their big day, Rachelle and Elan have organised almost everything for their wedding. The venue, caterer, photographer and entertainment are all booked, and Rachelle has found the wedding dress of her dreams! The next thing for them to do is to finalise the guest list and send out the invitations.

They have encountered some difficulty with confirming the venue for the wedding. 'We wanted to get married with the United Jewish Synagogue,' Rachelle explained, 'but because we wanted a fully vegan caterer and not an officially “kosher” caterer, they wouldn’t marry us.' So they have now decided to get married at an alternative synagogue where they will allow vegan catering. When asked what has been the most difficult part of the wedding planning, Rachelle told Love of All Weddings that it has actually been confirming the religious side of things.

It seems that it's always handy to have a friend or family member on hand to help with the wedding planning process. 'Honestly my mum has done all of it', Rachelle told us. That's one of the reasons she's found the planning quite easy!

Rachelle and Elan's advice to couples currently planning their big day would be to 'enjoy the process and don’t stress about the little things. It’ll all come together!'