Their Wedding Planning Journey...

Vicki and Chris

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Vicki and Chris met towards the end of 2008, when Chris moved into the spare room of their student flat in London. Shortly after the Christmas break, the pair became a couple just a couple of weeks into January 2009. The young couple, aged 21 and 18 at the time they met, enjoyed their time living together during university and then later moved around the country together and now even share a dog called Senna. ‘We’ve been living together from the start,’ Vicki told Love of All Weddings, ‘which I think is a good way to see if you’re meant for eachother.’

Vicki and Chris love to travel and each year they visited their favourite city, Amsterdam. In January 2017, the couple were in Amsterdam celebrating their 8th anniversary together. ‘Chris took me to Vondelpark by the lake’ said Vicki, they had first visited there a few years earlier. ‘It was very cold and about to snow, we were enjoying taking in the scenery when he suddenly went down on one knee and proposed. I thought he was joking and couldn’t believe it!’ So after 8 years together, this happy pair would now be getting married!

It was later that same year that Vicki and Chris then became vegan, giving up meat, eggs and dairy after visiting a lambing farm - Vicki explained that ‘since then it was playing on my mind more and more, I felt like a hypocrite saying how much I loved animals but still ate them.’ Chris was the first to embrace veganism and it was with his support that Vicki also became vegan a few months later.

This Love of All Weddings Couple are now beginning to plan their perfect wedding day, which they hope will ‘be a colourful, small and happy celebration also showing how good vegan food is.’ Although they are yet to make any venue or supplier bookings, Vicki and Chris have a clear idea of what they would like to create, as Vicki told us ‘our theme is woodland creature/wonderland, as though you’ve stepped into Wind in the Willows.’ The food will be provided by some vegan food stalls, such as pizza and ice cream. The couple have decided that their wedding will be vegan because ‘we wouldn’t have a celebration which goes against our morals and involves any harm to animals.’

Vicki and Chris are planning to say their ‘I do’s’ in Dorset, which is Vicki’s home county. They have recently viewed a converted mill with a small lake and and wild flower gardens as a potential wedding venue - ideal for someone who has always wanted to ‘get married outside, in the countryside with nature and flowers. The florist for the wedding has not yet been decided on, but no doubt it will be a dream come true for them to create the couples vision, as they are ‘planning on having flowers everywhere!’

Their plans continue and we will be sure to keep you updated on their progress in creating a wonderful vegan wedding day. Make sure that you follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with all of our Love of All Weddings couples!