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Glitter and Confetti at Weddings

Both confetti and glitter are popular at weddings throughout the year, and there’s no denying that they can help create some show stopping photograph opportunities. However, as we become more environmentally aware, is it time that we cut out these traditionally plastic props? Perhaps we don’t need to cut it out completely, but instead embrace some more eco friendly alternatives.

Standard glitter which is often used within decorations, for table scattering and for adding a bit of sparkle to faces, are made from microplastics. These are the same microplastics that are being removed from make up products due to the environmental damage they cause when they make their way into our oceans. However, scientist have created a biodegradable alternative to glitter, which is created from eucalyptus plants. Due to the lack of plastic, this glitter is much softer to the touch and decomposes within a couple of months, where as traditional glitter would remain for years and years. So when you’re doing your glitter shopping, make sure that you’re checking what it’s made from!

The confetti throw is an old tradition, which takes place as the married couple leave the wedding ceremony. The guests would throw flowers and/or rice over the couple, with them aim of showering them with prosperity and bestowing them with fertility. Over more recent years, confetti has been developed into being made from plastics and metallic materials, which as we all know takes a very long time to decompose and has a negative impact on our environment. So instead, you could opt for one of the following -

Use biodegradable, paper based confetti.

Many venues, especially those who host a high number of weddings, will only allow you to use biodegradable confetti. It’s therefore quite easy to buy, both on the high street and online.

Use freeze dried flower petals.

It is worth checking with your florist as to whether this is something that they are able to provide. The floral petals are a very natural and elegant touch and float through the air to create a great confetti throw photo.

Use rice.

Go back to traditions and have guests thrown grains of rice instead of confetti.

Create your own eco confetti.

This works particularly well for autumn weddings. Go out and collect fallen leaves and then use a shaped hole punch (easily bought online or at craft stores - they come in all sorts of shapes, like hearts and butterflies) to make your own confetti from the leaves.

I do hope that this has given you some food for thought and that you now feel able to make a more eco conscious decision with regards to glitter and confetti on your wedding day. May your day still sparkle!

Kirsty x