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One Wear Freedom’s Guide for Fashion-Conscious Wedding Guests

Our roadmap out of lockdown looks like weddings are back on and if you’re anything like us at One Wear Freedom, you’ve already started piecing together your mood boards and wish lists for all the outfits you’ll get to wear this Spring and Summer!

We are in love with that feeling of excitement and empowerment in getting dressed up for a wedding: those singular events when you can slip on a real showstopper. It can be pretty stressful though, trying to find the perfect outfit that typically tests the limits of our monthly budgets. If the thought of outfit repeating at a wedding sends shivers down your spine, it's likely that budget-breaking, stress-inducing stunner will spend the rest of its days in the depths of your wardrobe too!

Unfortunately, the textile industry behind our favourite outfits is the second worst polluter - that's after the oil industry and before the meat industry - and now produces over 80 billion items of clothing annually. An estimated 336,000 tonnes of this will end up in the bin, in the UK alone.

One Wear Freedom was born to provide a resource for women, who like our fearless founder Jordache Horn, enjoy clothes and dressing up but don't want to cause further harm to our planet. We share Love of All Weddings’ passion for protecting our planet and are deeply committed to challenging the single-use culture of the Fashion and Wedding Industry alike. If everyone rented and reused just one garment, we could save over 2.5 billion kilos of carbon emissions according to thredUP: that's the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road for a year.

We’ve curated a whole collection for wedding guests to help you avoid the dreaded outfit repeat, reduce your environmental impact and save some pennies on buying countless outfits you’ll never wear again!

With this handmade, silk Afghan Gold Bombyx Mori Maxi Dress you’re guaranteed to be the only one wearing it as this is a one-of-a-kind design from Zarif, an Afghan artisan making everything with intent through the art of Slow Production: a holistic approach to unifying sustainability with ethics through fair-trade practices and the use of natural materials and dyes, focusing on quality over quantity.

This dress is perfect for any elegant occasion. The simplicity of the cut of the dress and soft drapery of the silk is brought to life with delicate yet bold Pashto calligraphy, printed with natural dyes. A-line dresses aren’t always the easiest to wear for all but the long, free-flowing pleated collar accentuates the dress in all the right places.

This Pink Champagne One-shoulder Gown by Sola Fashion is the perfect statement piece for the most awaited wedding of the season where you really want to stand out and look your absolute best!

Featuring a dusty pink, shimmering fabric throughout, this evening gown has an elegant fishtail skirt, cinched waist band and one full length sleeve cutting a beautifully sculpted silhouette.

The simplicity of the soft pink lends itself to any additions you want to make. Whether that be statement jewellery or a warm coat if we’re still gathering safely outdoors when your event arrives.

Some events require a little magic and this stunning Deep Wine Evening Gown with Mesh Overlay by Shein lends A Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe perfect for such an occasion.

Shein is one of few conscious fast fashion brands to have dedicated environmental initiatives, such as producing more than 60% of their products from recycled fibre. They only produce 50-100 of each item to cut down on any waste and as this is a pre-loved dress, you can extend its life even further by renting it and dresses like this, with a plunging neckline and thigh-high splits under that burgundy mesh overlay, are meant to be worn and felt fabulous in!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, weddings are those special occasions where you can thrive in a real showstopper (without outshining the bride of course), and this Crimson Power Maxi Skirt Suit is one such outfit.

The blazer, complete with shoulder pads, will keep you warm during cocktails on the terrace but can be whipped off to hit the dance floor later in the night. We’ve paired this with a red lace bodice to really show off the tailoring of the suit but the sky’s the limit for pairing with a tailored crimson skirt suit.

This Fire and Gold Ankara Blazer and Trouser Suit is summer goals!

Whilst we have so much more to show you, we wanted to finish with this handmade, one-of-a-kind, Ankara Suit as it was designed by our very own founder. Jordache discovered her truest passions for fashion and a deep desire to restore Mother Nature on a journey of self-discovery, without which, we wouldn’t have One Wear Freedom: a resource for sustainable fashion-conscious consumers and a platform for empowering women to feel as incredible as they truly are.

In bold statement pieces like this one, you can shine as bright as we hope the weather will be on the big day!

We are honoured to be listed as one of Love of All Weddings’ like-minded suppliers and to support women in creating a beautiful and kind wedding day whilst feeling glamorous and unique in themselves. Check out our full Wedding Guest Collection, join the Rental Revolution and have the most fabulous time!

Peace + Prosperity,

One Wear Freedom x