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Self Isolating Wedding Alternatives

On Monday 23rd March 2020 the Prime Minister announced a 3 week period of self isolation during which all social gatherings, including weddings, are to be cancelled – all in the hope of slowing the spread of Covid-19. With just over a week left of this initial period, it is still somewhat uncertain as to when things will return to ‘normal’ and we wait to hear the government advice for going forward.

At Love of All Weddings we understand that the prospect of having your wedding day cancelled can be truly heart breaking, but if these unprecedented times have taught us anything it’s that we have to pull together and make the best of the situation. That’s why we have come up with some alternative wedding day ideas if you find yourselves having to self isolate together rather than walking down the aisle. Just because you cannot legally get married on that day, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your love.

Video Call Party

We’ve all been using video calling services a lot more in the last few weeks to keep connected; why not set up a group call with the friends and family that you were going to share the big day with. Drink champagne together, have your wedding playlist in the background and share laughter and joy with those people who love you. You could incorporate some games like ‘Mr & Mrs’ and make the party last as long as you like – the full day if you want!

Recreate Your First Date

You could spend the day enjoying each others company and doing something a little different – can you recreate your first date in the comfort of your own home? This should be fun! If you went bowling, why not use some empty beer bottles (don’t pretend you don’t have any!) as pins and create a bowling alley in your living room? If you went for a fancy dinner on your first date, you could set up a candlelit dinner and get all dressed up – even try to recreate the food that you might have had on that night. Went to the cinema on your first date? Well we know that one is easy thanks to all of these streaming services!

Take a Walk

We are allowed out of the house for one session of exercise a day, so take a walk together. Perhaps you have a special spot where you used to meet, or are lucky enough to have a natural beauty spot within walking distance of your doorstep – make the most of it. Take a moment, just the two of you, in a place that really means something to you. If you fancied, you could play your first dance song and have a little dance too.

Share your Wedding Vows

If you’d written your own wedding vows, you can still share them with each other and let one another know just how much you care. Whether you do this whilst out on a walk, on a video call with friends and family, or just the two of you in your own home – remember what your wedding day is really about. It’s about the celebration of the love the two of you share, which you can do no matter where you are and who you are with.

Stay strong, take care of yourselves and look out for others – we can all get through this!

Kirsty x