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Ten reasons to have a small wedding - Guest Blog from Creative Ceremonies

There has never been a better time to focus on making your wedding small and inspired. These challenges in the time of Covid have enabled us all to take a step back and connect with the real meaning in life. This soul-searching opportunity allows us to get real with ourselves, and brings a clarity that liberates us to cease life and really live it.

I offer you here my essential tips as to why a small wedding is incredible, and how you can have the most incredibly authentic and beautiful wedding like no other. My ten top reasons why this is a first incredible choice you can make.

1. Intimacy

Keeping it about YOU is essential for creating the focus you need. A small wedding provides intimacy; the situation lends itself for powerful focus on what truly matters most.

2. Atmosphere

You don’t need huge spaces and crowds to create an atmosphere, you need creativity and intention. The atmosphere you can create can be EPIC because it’s all about the personal. You can have defining moments and elements that truly captivate.

3. Focus on less stuff and more about what is important

You instantly feel the need to have need less stuff all around you because you have less you visually need, and so with less you can make more directed statements. Also, its unconventional, meaning you will feel more at ease to do it completely differently, enjoy being resourceful and play with your ideas.

4. Have a greater choice of venues

You can do anything, almost anywhere! How liberating is that? Greater degrees of flexibility on what goes into your day, and remember with a Celebrant you can have a ceremony at the place of your choosing.

5. You can let everyone participate – if you want to!

It’s a wedding, people want to feel included – and so you can do that. Each person can have a role to play even during your ceremony; it’s so special and makes it unforgettable.

6. Less people less travel

Minimising on the number of people attending means less stress on the environment, less transport is needed, this is a huge statement.

7. You can run riot with your imagination

I always ask my couples to forget they have ever been to a wedding. Why? Because its our conditioning which stops us from exploring creative authentic ideas. And so do that for a moment, imagine you can run riot, how does that begin to feel?

8. Be true to the values you want to express

If you want to talk about your conscious values through your actions, less consumption says it all. There is less consumption because there are less people. Small caterers, local florists, intimate venues, a smaller scale has incredible scope to support local and support your values and principles and also being mindful on the impact on the planet.

9. Gets more out of your budget

Your budget can go SO much further, and so you can include more of the elements you want to, create a fuller experience which can also allow time for the two of you – a wedding planner, a retreat, time away, a beautiful place to stay, a musician, and possibly other things which you wouldn’t have considered with your budget having to go further on a large event. You can feel the stress lifting right? The flexibility means you can enjoy being carried by your day.

10. Getting honest about your identity to have the deepest day of your life so far

It’s about you and so nothing can form a direct comparison. But only too often we fall into a trap of making things be a certain way, even if they don’t speak at all about our identity and individuality. Well this day is huge, it is the blessing for a future, and it defines it, so honour it deeply. And so a small wedding creates the space for you to feel you can be honest and defy convention, feel the raw love you have shine through and connect with all that is most essential in your soul union, get honest, immerse yourself in it and cherish every second of it.

Angie Litvinoff is a Conscious Celebrant, Mentor, Modern Day Medicine Woman and small wedding specialist. She offers contemporary sacred ceremonies that nourish the soul with lots of support, mentoring and creativity to make it completely authentic, powerful, meaningful and divinely different.

You can reach her at