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Will our family enjoy 100% vegan food at our wedding?

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

It's a question that many vegan couples ask, and it can be a real dilemma. There's no denying that quite often the vegan within the family group can become the butt of the meat jokes at the family barbecue, and can be met with some resistance from non vegan family members.

I think it's reasonable to worry about the reaction of your family when you tell them all of the food at your wedding will be vegan, as we all know the classic 'ew, vegan food is gross' response. Because yes, vegetables and grains are so gross and meat eaters consume ONLY meat with no vegetables alongside. However, it's important to remember this is your day and it should reflect everything about you and your love - both for each other and for the animals of this planet.

In your every day life, you choose not to contribute to the suffering of animals by not buying animal products, so why should you contribute to this as part of your wedding day? You shouldn't. You may find it easier not to specifically mention what food is being served prior to the day itself, so that guests are simply impressed with the catering on the day, perhaps not even noticing the lack of meat and dairy! You know, just as well as I do, that vegan food does not mean tasteless and boring - incorporate some showstopping flavours into your menu to really 'wow' your wedding guests. I would recommend trying to avoid using meat alternatives, as you will likely find that they will just try to compare the tastes and textures to meat, and deem your cruelty free alternative 'not as good'. Don't forget the sweet treats too - everyone loves a good bit of cake!

I have heard in the past of couples having had family members refuse to attend their wedding due to the vegan menu for the day. Not only is this incredibly sad, but I think shows just how threatened some people feel by the idea of trying something new and even perhaps an alternative way of thinking. If this happens to you, then please do reassure them that the food will be delicious. Equally however, do keep in mind that someone who really loves you and wants to be part of your special day will be there no matter what.

Ultimately you have to do what makes you happy and what you think best represents your beliefs for your wedding day. A gentle explanation to your family members as to why, should likely see them willing to try vegan for just the day.

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Kirsty x