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We Love a Winter Wedding!

Winter is a season often overlooked for weddings, as many people dream of a gloriously sunny day, but there are so many wonderful things that make a winter wedding wonderful!

As well as it being a beautiful time of year, there is one large benefit for opting for a winter time wedding. You will probably find that you have a wider selection of dates to pick from at your chosen venue - as many couples are yet to realise that winter is the perfect time of year for a wedding! It’s not only the venue though, you will likely find that many suppliers (from photographers to bands, venue decorators to cake makers) will have more availability during the winter months.

Because winter is considered to be ‘off peak’, this may also be an opportunity to save some money. Most venues and even some suppliers will charge differently for different times of year, with August usually being the most expensive!

Photographers love a winter wedding, and will thank you for choosing a winter wedding, because of the softer light created at that time of year due to the clouds. The bright sunlight of summer casts harsh shadows which can be a nightmare when you’re trying to capture a perfect shot! However, the light on an overcast day is much softer and creates a lovely romantic feel. Another great feature of a winters day is that as the days are shorter, your photographer will be able to take some incredibly dramatic shots at dusk.

As the evening draws in you could provide a basket of blankets so that your guests can still venture outside, perhaps to enjoy a glass of mulled wine, whilst still feeling nice and snug! These blankets could also come in handy if you would like to get the sparklers going and take some truly special photographs. A lovely little treat for your guests to enjoy here too would be a hot chocolate station - provide them with everything they need to create a delicious drink with cream, sprinkles, marshmallows and maybe even some liquor!

Those of us with fairer skin, it may also be the case that a winter wedding naturally compliments your look. The first thing to be grateful for is that you won’t have to worry about whacking on the Factor 50, there’s no chance of sunburn at your winter wedding! There is however the opportunity to embrace a stunning look with the use of berries, reds and plum tones within your makeup. There is also the option of opting for a wedding dress with sleeves, which have been showcased beautifully with royal weddings in recent years.

There is so much you can do with a winter wedding, but here at Love of All Weddings these are our top reasons why avoiding the typical summer wedding might just work for you!

Kirsty x

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