Their Conscious Wedding...

Alexandra and Clark

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Rustic chic wedding inspiration from across the pond!

Alexandra and Clark met at juice bar that they both worked at. Their meeting may never have happened, if it wasn’t for luck, or fate - Clark started working there just as Alexandra quit her role at the juice bar. After having been together for 10 months, they took their first trip abroad together, which was Alexandra’s first trip outside of the US! The travelled to one of the most romantic cities in Europe - Paris. Alexandra told Love of All Weddings that although she didn’t know for sure, the trip had raised a suspicion that he might pop the question, ‘He kept looking over his shoulder into the woods so I knew someone was over there and this was a part of the plan. It ended up being his siblings trying to take pictures. After enjoying seeing him act really weird for about 10 minutes he turned to me and started telling me how amazing our relationship is and how much I mean to him and then he got down on one knee right in front of the massive, bright Eiffel Tower.’ Alexandra went on to explain that they both began to cry and she said the all important yes!

Alexandra has been vegan since 2013, after having changed her diet and lifestyle initially for her health. ‘I have always labeled myself as a very healthy person but there were a few years where it spiraled into a very unhealthy stage of my life. I was not eating enough and working out way too much’, Alexandra told us, ‘ I learned how food actually works in the body as fuel, the nutrients and power behind plants, and what animal products do to the body. It was like a light switch went off.’ She is so passionate about informing people of both the health benefits of veganism and how it can save so many animal lives, that she has started her own holistic wellness brand, Your Plantiful Life.

With Clark also having been vegan since January 2017, the couple knew that they wanted their wedding day to reflect them, and so they would want it to be vegan. ‘when it came to our wedding that is completely centered around us, it would have been completely immoral for us to have animal products at our wedding’, said Alexandra.

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This rustic themed wedding took place at the stunning West Milford Farm, in Georgia. This perfect setting for their big day had been a farm from the 1900’s and the barns had been lovingly restored by the owners, who now run it as a wedding venue. The ceremony took place on the lawn, although the weather nearly stopped that from happening. We would usually think of it being a lovely sunny US state, but on Alexandra and Clark’s wedding day, the weather was just as unpredictable as we are used to here in the UK! Just before the ceremony was about to begin, it started to rain - ‘they flipped all the chairs on the lawn and said we might have to do a standing ceremony under the pavilion’, Alexandra explained. They decided to hold back for 15 minutes and then the rain stopped, so they reverted back to the original lawn ceremony plan. ‘As soon as we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, the sun came bursting out, it was beautiful.’

The reception then took place inside the barn, where an abundance of delicious vegan food was served from a food truck. Alexandra told Love of All Wedding that the decided on this option because ‘we knew that we wanted food that everyone would like whether they were vegan or not. Everything was tapas style so that everyone could try multiple options.’ The dishes included sun dried tomato and fall greens enchilada with creamed avocado and chana masala over basmati rice - just the thought of it is making our mouths water. As well as the desserts provided too by their caterer, Gotta Have It Catering, the couple opted to have three cakes, which sounds like the absolute dream to us. ‘The cakes were from Dulce Vegan Bakery in Decatur, Georgia’, said Alexandra. She went on to tell us that flavours were vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry & lemon - yummy!

When asked what her favourite moment from the wedding day was, Alexandra shared a beautifully special moment with us; ‘walking down the aisle with both of my parents and locking eyes with Clark then watching him cry uncontrollably was my absolute favorite.’ Here at Love of All Weddings we are 100% ceremony cry-ers, so this has us in pieces!

Alexandra’s advice to any couples who are wishing to plan a vegan wedding is something that we agree with - ‘do exactly what you want for your day and not be swayed from that. This is about you and your partner. Be bold and fearless, that will move more people than you think.’

Photo credit: Alexandra & Clark's Photographer was Katelyn Vines