Their Conscious Wedding...

Cory and Fiona

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A colourful celebration set in the great outdoors.

Cory and Fiona were both working in cabaret when their boss set the pair up! At the time, Cory was an aerialist and handstand solo performer whilst Fiona was a showgirl and cancan soloist dancer. This talented couple were the perfect match and began dating as well as performing together. About two years after they had met they were both on tour in Helsinki when Fiona decided that she would pop the question. 'We had just finished performing our acrobatic act, and with the help of the producer and host of the show, I proposed to Cory on stage in front of an audience of two thousand people', Fiona told Love of All Weddings.

Both Cory and Fiona had been vegan since 2015, after deciding to make the change to help save animals and the environment. However, Fiona went on to tell us that they have both seen other benefits too - 'we both feel much healthier, fitter, stronger and we have a much faster recovery when injured', which is particularly important in their line of work!

Having been vegan for years, the couple knew that there would be no question about it - the wedding would be vegan 'We decided to do a DIY wedding,' Fiona explained, 'we hired a big house with a huge garden.' The happy couple had their wedding celebrations over two days, with the official wedding ceremony on the first day. On the second day they crated the ceremony that they had always dreamt of; a beautiful outdoor ceremony under the trees, with their closest friends.

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The food on the day was a selection of amazing pastries, a curry and cheesy pasta which was provided by Earth and Soul Kitchen as a buffet. There were also vegan cheese boards created by I AM NUT OK and Silver Moon Plant Based Foods. Cory and Fiona's stunning wedding cakes were created by C for Cake - the three tiers consisted vanilla, carrot and tropical flavoured cake.

It wasn't just the human guests who were excited by the look of the cake though - two dogs managed to wangle themselves an invite to the wedding and they couldn't get enough of all that food! They 'got so much attention', Fiona told Love of All Weddings, 'we have a very funny picture of a dog drinking from the cold beer bucket!' After their furry friends had received enough attention, it was time for Cory and Fiona to take the spot light once again, with their first dance. When asked what part of the day really stood out for them, Fiona told us that the first dance 'was the most magical moment. Our friend sung our first dance and slowly couples came to join us. It was beyond emotional!'

Not only was their wedding day gorgeously styled, but Cory and Fiona made their wedding celebrations unique to them. The advice that they would give to any other couples looking to plan a vegan wedding would be 'do it the way you want it, not the way other people expect it.'

Photo credit: Cory & Fiona's Photographers were Dom Martin, Cotton Wall and Elliot White