Their Conscious Wedding...

Izzy and Nathan

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A vintage inspired wedding full of yellows and golds with a festival feel.

Izzy and Nathan met whilst at uni, through a mutual friend. Their love soon blossomed and they were together for 14 months before a spur of the moment proposal at Reading Festival, whilst Arctic Monkeys played, lead to a happy engagement! ‘He hadn’t planned the proposal at all,’ Izzy told Love of All Weddings, ‘it just happened. He used one of the rings that I was already wearing. This suited us fine as we are both the opposite of traditional.’ The pair went and picked up an engagement ring to really seal the deal about a month later, which was a beautiful 200 year old emerald and diamond ring, purchased from an antiques shop.

Izzy became vegetarian at the age of 14, and then later transitioned to veganism in 2014, with Nathan soon following suit. Izzy told us that her main reason for turning vegan was that she felt increasing guilty and wanted to reduce her involvement in any animal suffering, ‘I really believe that the only life that belongs to me is my own, animals are not property and should not be use for my convenience.’ Nathan’s transitioned to veganism came after having watched Cowspiracy, ‘he realised the hypocrisy of wanting to live an ethical life whilst still consuming animal products and went vegan overnight’, Izzy explained.

By this point in their relationship, they knew that their wedding day would have to reflect their own personal views and found that a vintage inspired theme would also tie in nicely with being as eco friendly as possible. Upcycling and DIY played an important part in the decorations for the wedding day; with the bunting, signs and tablecloths all having been upcycled and other elements being handmade or even found in charity shops. Even Izzy’s gorgeous dress was 1930’s vintage, which she opted for rather than purchasing a brand new gown, for it’s style and also the fact it was in her favourite colour.

The ceremony itself took place at a registry office in Winchester. The couples love of music and festivals was reflected even here, as Izzy walked down the aisle to a cover of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ - rather fitting in her golden dress! The newly weds then left the ceremony as Mr & Mrs to the sound of John Cooper Clarke’s ‘I Wanna be Yours’, in a nod to their Arctic Monkeys proposal. The party then made their way over to the reception, which was held in a marquee in Izzy’s parents garden. Although it looked amazing on the day, this marquee had caused quite the drama the day prior to the wedding! When the marquee company were setting up, the had put one of the spikes right through an underground gas pipe - it was unclear whether the wedding could still go ahead there, due a gas leak. Luckily, the problem was fixed and Izzy & Nathan’s dream wedding could go ahead.

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The marquee reception was where the festival really began, with ‘hay bales around a fire pit, giant bubbles, lots of glitter, live music and drinking!’ This party loving couple had a full line up for the evening, and even gave their guests personalised festival style wristbands. The live music consisted of Izzy’s best friend who is a talented violinist, and some musician friends, doing some covers of the couples favourite songs. They were then followed by another friend who was a singer-songwriter. The headline act to close the night however were an Irish Caleigh band called Shamrock Keys, who had everyone up and dancing - even the brides nan!

The food on the day was all completely vegan and it went down a storm. Nathan’s dad is a Head Chef for an events catering company and so very kindly offered to provide the food as a wedding present. ‘We wanted a casual buffet style meal as opposed to a fancy, sit down, 5 course meal’, Izzy told us. So they came up with a delicious menu with lots of big flavours and also avoided using meat substitutes ‘so that people would not be comparing fake meat to the real meat that they would normally have.’ Take a look at their wedding menu with the images, to get some inspiration for the food on your own big day!

The couple’s local health food shop, ‘Rice Up’ in Southampton, made the cakes for the wedding day. Izzy and Nathan had opted for three different flavours - cherry and almond, vanilla and lemon, and blueberry. Izzy’s sister and best friend stacked and decorated the cakes with dried petals and edible glitter. Izzy herself had made her own lego figurines to top the cakes, which she only finished painting on the morning of the wedding, whilst she was doing her hair.

When asked what her number one tip for a bride-to-be would be on the wedding day, Izzy said that the most important thing is to remember a snack! ‘I was too nervous to eat breakfast on the day … I was so hungry on the way to the registry office that I was nibbling on the rice paper confetti because I forgot to bring a snack.’ So make sure that you either have a bag with you for storing snacks, or give the role of food giver to one of your bridesmaids. Izzy also told us that you shouldn’t compromise on your beliefs as ‘no one will suffer from eating a vegan meal at your wedding.’

Photo credit: Izzy & Nathan's Photographer was Lucy Rose Photography