Their Conscious Wedding...

Sarah and Albert

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A pagan handfasting ceremony joining the perfect pair.

The story of Sarah and Albert really proves how the beauty of art, and the kindness of people, can bring people together. They couple met many years ago when Albert bought one of artist Sarah's paintings - 'from there we got chatting and realised we have a connection', Sarah told Love of All Weddings. Four years into the relationship the pair were on holiday together. After an evening out they were getting ready to hit the hay! Sarah had removed her makeup and the pyjamas were on. 'I turned around and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring,' she explained. The ring was made from wood resin and moss with what Sarah could only describe as 'a little world of magic trapped inside' - it looked like waterfalls and forests.

Having both turned to veganism in early 2018, Sarah and Albert knew their wedding would be a vegan affair! Sarah told Love of All Weddings that she had gone vegan, after having been pescatarian for years, after watching the Gary Yourofsky speech and Dairy is Scary on youtube. 'It was like turning on a light in a room that I hadn't realised was dark', she explained, 'I felt it was important to talk to Albert about how I was feeling so he could understand', and six weeks later he too went vegan over night. Althouh their initial reason for veganism was the animals, Sarah believes the change in diet has been beneficial for her medical health and now doesn't need as much medication for her type one diabetes. The lifestyle change has also opened up a wider community to the couple, who now also help out their local vegan animal sanctuary - The Reatreat in Kent.

Sarah and Alberts wedding day began with a pagan handfasting ceremony conducted by Sarah's friend who is a celebrant. She had created a bespoke alter for Sarah and Albert, it was 'full of crystals, candles, incense' and the table cloth had been embroidered with their names and wedding date. The essence of the ceremony was about being connected with nature and so was due to take place outside. However, although the sun was shining the wind was not on their side! To avoid having parts of the beautiful alter being blown away mid ceremony, it was moved inside.

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Albert's mother was to be one of the elemental candle holders during the handfasting ceremony, but she sadly passed away unexpectedly just two weeks before the wedding. Although heartbroken, the couple knew that she would not want them to cancel their special day. So they paid tribute to her during the ceremony, 'we had a framed photo of her on the chair with her water candle and buttonhole,' Sarah explained.

For over a year before the wedding Sarah had been drying out flower petals from bouquets Albert had bought her, as well as from gardens of friends and family members. 'It will sound silly,' Sarah told Love of All Weddings, 'but the confetti was really emotional for me. When it all cast up into the air my heart literally burst!' Not only did she create her own confetti, but Sarah created her own shoes for the big day (she does it professionally and you can check out her work here). 'I created my ceremony pair which featured myself and Albert hand painted onto the heels and The Promise fro our ceremony hand painted onto the soles - they were an absolute labour of love!'

Their venue provided a three course wedding breakfast which was then followed by a 'sublime' wedding cake supplied by Vegan Antics in Gravesend. 'We had a two tier cake comprised of four flavours - chocolate, lemon, funfetti and red velvet', Sarah explained. The couple had also booked Your Beautiful Day to style and decorate the venue for them, which Sarah said was the second best decision she ever made (after deciding to marry Albert of course!)

Sarah and Albert's advice to anyone looking to plan a vegan wedding day would be to just go for it! 'It's your money at the end of the day and we all know how important it is to vote with your wallet.' Sarah went on to say that there is always that worry of some guests being unhappy about the lack of meat, but 'no one complained about the food on the day and I think people will respect the fact that it's your wedding, your money and your choice. Stay true to yourself and don't ever lose sight of what matters - you guys.'

Photo credit: Sarah & Albert's Photographer was Vickery Photography