Erika Tanith Photography 

Erika is a talented wedding photographer who will capture beautiful and artistic candid moments, and will do all she can to make your wedding day the happiest day of your lives. Erika believes that the photographs we cherish the most are the ones we have the deepest emotional connection to. That means photographs that capture a genuine moment of happiness and deep feeling; pictures taken ‘in the moment’, without posing, without standing around wondering what in the world you should be doing with your hands. 
'Being vegan is a core part of my identity. I believe in living as kindly and compassionately as possible so I seek to extend that to all parts of my life, and that includes my business. The albums I offer are all vegan, and my suppliers are as eco-friendly as I can source. I offer USBs made from natural materials, and digital downloads to reduce my carbon footprint. I work from home as much as possible; a fantastic space that uses solar panels, electricity from renewable energy suppliers, and is very eco-friendly. Besides, why would I want to travel to an office or studio when my rescue chickens are right here?    Erika Tanith Photography
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