Sam & Louise Photography

Sam & Louise specialise in colourful, candid and creative wedding photography. If you are looking to have your wedding day captured in a unique and beautiful way then Sam & Louise Photography could be just who you are looking for.
'We believe in living kindly, without doing harm. We believe in fairness and equality. More than anything we believe that most people are kind hearted and want to live kinder, more sustainable and ethical lives, but aren’t always sure how. For us, it’s been a journey that’s taken a few years. We’ve changed small things over time and relearned many things.
By introducing or own values into our business, not only are we helping to make vegan, ethical and sustainable products and services “the norm” but we’re also helping couples make kinder decisions at such an important time in their lives. It helps couples get to know who we are and what we’re about and ultimately it can be something we bond over, or have (or grow to have) in common. The industry we work in is SO wasteful and all about “one off”. It’s not about sustainability or even about tomorrow, it’s all about “the wedding” all about today. If we can help in any way to illustrate that luxury and indulgence doesn’t have to also mean wasteful, we will do our very best to do just that.'    Sam & Louise Photography 
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